What people are saying about Kay

I was recommended to Kay by a mutual friend. I had problems with my shoulder for over a year following surgery, it was now quite sore and tender.

Unfortunately, in the past year I have had two major surgeries for cancer and chemotherapy, however I was given the all clear and now in remission.

I have since returned to bootcamp training and running to improve my fitness level, although this niggling shoulder was restricting some movements. I was still feeling quite vulnerable and with wounds and scar tissue damage, it knocked my confidence and, I felt, my ability to get fitter.

As soon as I arrived Kay make me feel very comfortable which immediately put me at ease with  warm and serene room to  give a calming atmosphere.

Kay was a complete professional throughout, from taking a full medical assessment, listening to my anxiety to delivering the treatment. I feel Kay has a holistic approach to her service treating me as a person not just my ‘niggling shoulder’.

After one treatment on my shoulder and I could feel the difference. I return to Kay one week later. Amazing I have lived with this for over a year and in two treatments with Kay I have at last full movement in my shoulder and now pain free!!

I would highly recommend Kay to anyone who is having any niggling injuries. Thank you Kay for the wonderful treatment.

I had three emergency surgeries and my body was either in pain or numb and felt like dead muscles around the abdomen area, this was affecting my posture and neck.

I’m a chronic and sight impaired yoga teacher but you can’t just magically fix things, you need a specialist, so I came to Kay. I had one treatment of fascial release and I can feel my abdomen muscles again and am now gaining muscle in that area.

My posture looks so much better! And I’m in NO PAIN!

It’s been a good 4-6 weeks long since I’ve seen Kay, but things keep happening to my body for the good even after all this time! I would recommend anyone to Kay. It doesn’t mater how fit and healthy or ill you are, everyone should have fascial release!

Kay was very lovely and professional also. Felt very warm and comfortable. Thanks Kay.

I have been a client of Kay’s for over five years and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I train 3 times a week and run twice a week. Occasionally, I suffer with tight hamstrings, hip flexors and IT band and Kay is able to solve the problem in one session, using trigger point release and medical acupuncture. In addition, my daughter has postural kyphosis and Kay has been treating her for three years. Her approach to managing the kyphosis means my daughter remains free from back and neck pain.

I believe what makes Kay different from other Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers is her intuitive ability to know where there is a problem in the body and how to treat it. I would not go to anyone else for my own treatments, or let anyone else treat my daughter. Kay has a gift!

Kay has been helping and supporting my strength & conditioning training for over a year now and I’m truly thankful. Her treatments are always exactly what’s needed – whether working on old injuries, current niggles or simply better movement. There’s a quantitative feel & ‘train better’ that comes from seeing Kay, are you ready?

After months of lower back/hip problems, numerous trips to the doctors and hospital, my work and training was starting to suffer. Being a self-employed builder I couldn’t risk my back stopping me working completely, and at 36 being a triathlete there’s nothing more frustrating than being told you can’t train!

After months of waiting for the NHS I decided to see a local osteopath, after a few sessions with him he suggested I see a sports therapist. I went online and found Kay checked out the site and sent an email asking if this was something she could help with. After a quick reply I booked in for a session, on meeting Kay the first time very professional and thorough in assessing me but also friendly and easy to talk to, making me feel comfortable from the start.

I’ve now been seeing Kay for a couple of months and with various treatments the results have been amazing not only physically but mentally as well, my back/hip is the best it’s been since I can remember, I’m back light training and work is back to normal. I’ll continue to see Kay monthly to keep me fit and well but also the advice towards training.

I can’t recommend Kay enough brilliant from day 1.

Thank you so much Kay. You clearly know your stuff, and I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

On the recommendation and persistence of a friend, I staggered through Kay’s treatment door in desperation.  I had developed and was receiving treatment for ‘late on-set migraine’.  The migraines were frequent, twice/three times monthly and unbearable intense, with vomiting on the slightest movement.  They could last anything up to five days, with at least two of these days leaving me completely immobile in bed.  It had become easier to count the days in a month when I did not have a migraine.  I had undergone two brain scans, with one as an emergency and had seen two Osteopaths, alongside ongoing medical treatment.

If honest, the migraines were so powerful, with little relief from prescription medication, that I could not see how a Sports Massage could possibly help.  I have never been so happy to be so wrong!  Kay took a comprehensive medical history and then set to work, with a combination of Sports Massage and Acupuncture.  In addition, she provided, reviewed and updated a range of ongoing self-help stretches and exercises to support the appointments, thoughtfully structured around the demands of a usual, busy day.

Following Kay’s treatment, life has dramatically changed, in a way I could never have envisaged.  I now live migraine free.  I suffer the odd headache, but this is controlled with over the counter painkillers and a range of self-help actions Kay has given me.  The headaches are unrecognisable to the migraines suffered previously.   In addition, I have a head that is straight on my shoulders and a neck, shoulders and back with significantly improved movement.  In short, I have regained a quality of life I had completely lost.  I could not begin to thank Kay enough.

Kay’s skills for assessment and treatment are impossible to convey on paper.  She has an incredible intuition and can locate pain and tension that you are unaware exists.  Kay is always very positive, supportive and empowering, offering a very personal, unique approach.  This approach incorporates all aspects of life that might impact the issue or the treatment.  She is totally non-judgemental, does not make false promises or give false hope, but remains absolutely focused on supporting you reach your specified health goal.  I cannot recommend Kay enough and do so knowing that any treatment journey with her will be a very positive and successful one.

Having had a treatment from Kay, I was impressed with her history taking and her ability to define what I needed. I felt the massage was thorough and she found issues I hadn’t identified and was able to give advice post-treatment. This included stretches and rehab exercises. I am happy to recommend her.

I would highly recommend Kay and her treatments; she is very skilled in assessing the areas that need releasing; she has the intuition and sensitivity to know exactly where to work and the pressure required to allow the body to release the tension it is holding.

The results for me are greater range of movement and freedom from any pain or restriction when I am running.

On visiting my GP, with severe lower back and hip pains caused by a fall, I was told that it would be better for me to seek advice from a therapist who worked with muscle complaints in order to re-educate them and that the NHS could not provide me with physiotherapy. I was in considerable pain, not sleeping, taking time off work and unable to do a variety of activities due to the injury. I was also suffering from a tennis elbow and two cortisone injections had not helped with this. Again, I had time off work and had to keep my arm in a sling to ease the pain. Luckily, a friend recommended Kay to me.

I cannot recommend Kay enough; she is amazing with hands of steal which get right to the root of the problem. She is kind, thoughtful and extremely caring. I have immense trust in her ability and this has proved to be justified as I am back at the gym and able to carry out all aspects of my life as well as sleeping pain-free. She also suggests follow up exercises to help retrain areas that have been treated hence speeding up the recovery period.

Kay is a lovely person who listens, considers and only then treats. I will always be grateful to her and hope she will agree to treat me should the need arise in the future. She is a great source of advice and will recommend other therapists should treatment be out of her field of expertise. A Gem!

Having undergone several medical procedures to get to the root cause of my pain, it was only when I starting seeing Kay that things progressed. Kay’s sympathetic and caring nature made me feel relaxed whilst being treated. Her knowledge and thinking outside the box improved my symptoms almost immediately!

I just wish I had seen Kay before undergoing medical procedures! Thank you so much Kay for sorting me out!

I have been seeing Kay for treatment for the last few weeks following a diagnosis of tendonitis from my doctor which he suggested surgery. I was not happy with this and sought further advice from Kay.

Kay discussed my symptoms with me and after my first treatment concluded that the pain I was receiving in my wrist was stemming from my shoulder.

She gave me a list of exercises to perform daily in-between treatments to aid the speed of recovery. I was relieved to find an improvement after the first seven days. After a few weeks of massage coupled with my dedication to the self-help exercises I was prescribed, I had noticed a significant change in my symptoms. The pain had significantly reduced and I was able to carry out everyday activities once again, including exercise.

I am exceptionally happy with the results and relieved that I did not need invasive treatment in order to recover from my injury as my doctor had initially suggested.
Kay is a very professional therapist with exceedingly good knowledge in her chosen field. I would recommend her to my friends, family and clients.